2015. június 19., péntek

Combinable with Popups Ad Offer


My name is Ilona Sprada from Shorte.st Team.

As I noticed, you use the potential of your website kutya-hazikedvenc.blogspot.hu to earn on pop-up ads, which is great!

But, did you know you can combine popups with interstitial ads (they are as easy as popups) for higher earnings? So, you don't need to choose one over another, simply make both of them work for your benefit.

If you are interested, drop me a line and I'll provide you with the code and everything needed.

Also,  feel welcome to ask me in case of any questions.

Ilona Sprada
Shorte.st Customer Success Team
Skype ID: i.sprada
WWW: www.shorte.st